New Agent Training

A training program designed for new licensees to create a growth plan and learn the fundamental pillars for business success.

Professional Development

Weekly LIVE training sessions and a library of on-demand courses and programs designed to keep you up to date, increase your skills and innovate your business


With the option of One to One or Group Coaching, we use our unique G.A.P. method to help you identify exactly where you need support. Helping you achieve your business goals is easier than you think!

About Us

Ever wonder how other realtors are able to navigate through the industry, build a business and achieve ultimate success? 

Welcome to The Real Estate Academy™!

Since 2006, The Real Estate Academy™ has helped thousands of realtors to realize their dreams of building a profitable and scalable real estate business. Whether you are brand new or a seasoned veteran, we understand the challenges you face.  We deliver the most relevant training and education to help you break through the glass ceilings and move you to the next level of your business.

In addition to offering live broadcast, one-to-one and pre-recorded training sessions, our agents benefit from our exclusive online learning platform allowing them access to some of our industry’s leading coaches and trainers. It’s your central learning centre for continuous growth and improvement, with access to what you need, when you need it.

The Real Estate Academy - A personalized Approach to Education and Training!


New Agent Training!

I love the New Agent Training program. After I got my license, I felt a little lost and alone, not sure what to do next. The program taught me how to apply what I learned to the daily activi­ties of my new business. No one else out there has what the Real Estate Academy offers. The extensive training program and mentorship, and most of all, the sup­port!

My Coach was my champion!

The coaching program has single handedly been responsible for helping me reach my 6 month goal in 6 weeks. After 10 years in the business, I could not have done It if it weren't for my champion coach and the support and guid­ance given to me.